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By Kimberly Grizzle, Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager

Kimberly Grizzle, Missouri Enterprise’s newest Area Business Manager, serves the Joplin and Southwest Missouri areas.  She gives us some insight into her new position, what she’s hearing in the field and her excitement about the role she’ll be playing to help our Missouri manufacturers succeed.

Q:    As Missouri Enterprise’s newest Area Business Manager, what do you like best about your job so far?
A:    Definitely the people! I LOVE meeting new people...and I love catching up with former clients from my previous career who happen to be clients of Missouri Enterprise.  I am also so amazed with the innovation of products and how they make our daily life so much simpler. Having the opportunity to see, touch, and understand the concepts that went into a product's development is beyond intriguing for this inquisitive mind of mine.

Q:    What are manufacturers telling you are their greatest challenges?
A:    I’ve only been the field a short period of time, but the manufacturers I have spoken with all seem to have a common complaint…finding people who want to work.  Finding and maintaining a reliable workforce is probably the number one challenge.  A close second would be continuous improvement and growth…a lot of companies could use help learning and understanding the steps and processes they need to keep up with the demands of supplying their product or expanding with the addition of another product.  Missouri Enterprise has the experience, knowledge and services to help them with these challenges.   

Q:    Missouri Enterprise offers so many different ways to help manufacturers… which services do you find manufacturers are asking you about the most?
A:    Workforce, Continuous Improvement and Growth.  These are just some of the areas where Missouri Enterprise is uniquely positioned to help.  I often tell our clients, "We are a one stop shop." Whatever their needs are, we have a solution for that! ...and we love a challenge!

Q:    What are you most excited about being able to do in your new position?
A:    I’m most excited to be part of a team who makes the client's vision become a reality. It is always an honor to know at the end of the day I made a positive difference in the lives of others.  I was    born and raised in Southwest Missouri, so the people here in this area are "my people." I want to see them experience success along with providing jobs for the families in our area, and continue manufacturing the products we rely on.