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Cybersecurity Assessment and Risk Management Workshop - Rolla

Cybersecurity Assessment and Risk Management Workshop

  •  Personal Information Hacked from Companies Sold or Distributed for Free.
  • Businesses Brought to Their Knees as Critical Operational Systems Crash.
  • Proprietary Product Data Stolen and Shared with Competitors.
  • Ransomware Locks Systems and Cripples Companies and Individuals.

These stories are in the news more and more each day, both domestically and internationally, and some companies are still blind to the danger.  Today, it’s not a matter of IF your systems will be attacked, it’s a matter of WHEN.  The costs of cyberattack are big and they could cripple or destory your company. 

 If your company isn’t including cybersecurity as a critical part of your risk management strategy today, you’re:

  •  Dodging bullets without a shield
  • Driving without insurance
  • Skating on thin ice
  • Swimming without a lifeguard
  • Leaping before you look
  • Walking a tightrope walking without a net
  • Putting your head in the sand
  • Playing with fire

Cyberattacks are rampant, and you have a responsibility to ensure your company and your people are protected.  The liability and the risk is growing incrementally each day, so you MUST include Cybersecurity in your Risk Management Planning.

DoD, GSA or NASA supplier?  You have a December 31, 2017 deadline
to be compliant with minimum cybersecurity requirements or risk losing your government contracts!

Missouri Enterprise is sponsoring this incredibly timely and important, two-phase program to help your company understand and manage the risks of cyberattack.

PHASE I:  Cybersecurity Assessment Workshop & Onsite Security Scan

Missouri Enterprise and its partner, KC Computer Support, will help your company navigate through a Cybersecurity Assessment so you can understand your company’s unique Cybersecurity concerns and identify areas for improvement.  This interactive forum is designed to enhance your knowledge of Cybersecurity risks, help you understand the potential costs of cyberattack, and offer solutions for protecting your company and your employees.

Following the workshop, Missouri Enterprise and KC Computer Support will visit each attending company’s facility to conduct and electronic network scan* to identify areas of concern that will require remediation, all in a confidential, written report.

PHASE II:  Cybersecurity Risk Management Implementation & Action Plan

Using your company’s Cybersecurity Assessment developed in the workshop, and the results of your systems network scan, Missouri Enterprise and KC Computer Support will work with your company’s management and IT Department to develop a written Cybersecurity Risk Management Implementation and Action Plan.

Depending upon the results of your assessment and network scan, you may choose to request additional assistance from Missouri Enterprise or KC Computer Support.  Your Missouri Enterprise Area Business Manager can help you understand the right services your company may need.


*The electronic network scan part of your assessment will be performed using a unique hardware/software application called Detector™.  This equipment is installed on your network for a brief time and it uses a unique combination of machine learning and intelligent tagging to identify suspicious anomalies, changes and threats. In addition, its powerful analysis engine examines multiple data points and identifies security issues caused by unusual behavior and network misconfigurations.

When the equipment is disconnected from your network there is no trace or lingering effect and all scans are held in a secure cloud server and used only to prepare your confidential assessment report.



Event Properties

Event Date 09-12-2017 8:00 am
Event End Date 09-12-2017 12:00 pm
Registration Start Date 05-31-2017
Cut off date 09-12-2017
Individual Price $1,350.00
Fixed group price $1,350.00
Location Missouri Enterprise - Rolla
We are no longer accepting registration for this event