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Missouri Enterprise manufactures solutions

We’re a nonprofit that provides a full range of consulting services that can transform your organization into a high performing, efficient, cost effective operation.

Missouri Enterprise clients receive a high return on investment

Over the past five years, our clients reported

$1.6 Billion in increased/retained sales

"They were very helpful, very effective, and finished the job on time and under budget."

- Chris Klope, Chief Operations Officer

Mobile Hydraulics Equipment Company reports their work with Missouri Enterprise helped them enter a new market and generate $3 million in new sales over the next 12 months.

The improvements we’ve been able to make should ultimately result in increased efficiencies of up to 30%.

- Dale Richter, Vice President
of Operations

American Products reported $125,000 in costs savings in labor, materials, energy and overhead as a result of their work with Missouri Enterprise.

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Missouri Enterprise Results

Reported from Missouri manufacturers over the past five years









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  • APR 25

    Lunch & Learn (CoMo)- Recruiting & Retaining Millennials, Part 2

    With the great wave of baby boomers reaching retirement age, employers throughout the nation are struggling with ways to appeal to the new generation of workers. This one-hour session provides employers insight into what drives them and how to recruit them to your company.

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  • MAY 14

    Breakfast Bite (Moberly)- Lean Leadership: Developing Supervisors/Managers to Improve Retention

    Workers do not quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. This "breakfast bite" session focuses on challenges companies face with employee turn-over as a result of poor leadership (i.e., supervisors and managers) and lack of understanding expectations.

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  • MAY 16

    Lean Leadership One-Day Workshop (ABB)

    This session is a part of the Continuous Improvement Transformation Series that will help manufacturers transform their companies by implementing a culture of Lean from top to bottom. The series includes Value Stream Mapping/5S/MDI, Lean 101 & Interactive Simulation, Lean Leadership, and Lean Product Development. In this third session, we will cover effective leadership and help those in the industry walk away with a new sense of mission and understanding of what it takes to lead.

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Missouri Enterprise Client Testimonials

  • Hanna Rubber Co.:

    • $40,000 in new sales
    • Earned ISO certification
    • “Missouri Enterprise was the qualified third party who told us ‘we’re here’ and ‘this is where you need to go’.”

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