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By Amy Susan, Communications Manager

To help manufacturers and businesses alike navigate the current health crisis, here are several webinars to keep you focused, positive, informed, engaged, and productive.  

These mini-sessions feature some of our experts who have a combined 300+ years working in manufacturing and 80+ years of experience working healthcare. If you have suggestions on other topics, please send them our way (email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we will do our best to provide information or investigate it and develop a presentation. Our job here at Missouri Enterprise is to find answers and solutions to manufacturing challenges. We know Covid-19 is a significant challenge hitting every factory and family in our great state. You are not alone. As your partner in manufacturing, we will get through this together.

Legal Guidance to Help Employers Navigate New Wellness/Health Policies

After a survey with Missouri manufacturers, we found that understanding wellness and health guidelines, as a result of Covid-19, is the top challenge. To help us walk through some of the major obstacles and gray areas on this topic as it relates to protecting our employees in the new Covid-19 era, we visit one of the most widely respected Human Resource attorneys, Ruth Binger. We tackle questions such as:

  • Can employers require vaccinations?
  • Can they be held liable if an employee contacts the virus at the workplace?
  • Can a company require an employee to leave work if they seem ill?

First Steps to Reopening Webinar & Checklist

Recovery from this current crisis can be problematic. In this webinar, our Covid-19 Response Team highlights steps your company can take NOW to prepare for the reopening of Missouri’s economy. The webinar covers a high-level checklist that can be applicable to most if not all business models. We explore topics such as: Should we control gatherings in the workplace? What should I communicate to employees? Which job functions are essential and which are not? What training do we need? View the checklist here to get started.

Training Within Industry - Quickly Skilling Up Workers

Training Within Industry (TWI) is a dynamic program of hands-on learning and practice, teaching essential skills and standard work. TWI originated in the United States in the 1940s to boost industrial production of war material. By rapidly training unskilled workers, the production capabilities of US manufacturers exceeded expectations.

With the Defense Production Act declaration on March 20, 2020, TWI is a tool that can help manufacturers to alter production to support emergency preparedness and response activities, while creating a culture of continuous improvement and repeatable success. Crisis has created a need – how will your company respond to the call? Our TWI instructor LauraLee Rose shows us how TWI can help prepare new staff to take on a production role due to a shifting workforce, or as you use your existing team to begin production of new materials.

Training Within Industry - Job Instruction Breakdown

In this follow-up session, TWI instructor LauraLee Rose will provide a job instruction breakdown explaining "What it is" and "How to do it". Similar to WWII, manufacturing is being forced to pivot to new products and processes and TWI can quickly skill up new or current workers. This event will be set up as more of a forum -- we want to hear from you! Please be prepared to engage and ask questions.

How to Use ZOOM - a Crash Course

Communications & Marketing Manager Amy Susan takes us on a crash course on how to start using Zoom for meetings and webinars with clients, prospects and team members. We cover how to set up events, plug-ins, recording sessions, virtual backgrounds, screen sharing, chat features, exporting results and more.

Infectious Disease Planning 

What can your company do to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and other infectious diseases? How do you respond if an employee is, in fact, infected? Employers should have in plan in place in anticipation that an employee will test positive at some point. April Schmidt, Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), who has more than 14 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, answers these questions and more by sharing her knowledge with the business community on how to maintain a healthy and productive workforce despite the current health crisis. 

Business Continuity Planning 

The present crisis can be contained, and organizations can continue to prosper if they take proactive measures.  Although our financial and manufacturing systems look robust, they are, in fact, very vulnerable, as the present crisis demonstrates.  We cannot solve the virus attack, but we can take steps to mitigate its impact upon the organization and society at large.  A proactive Business Continuity Management process can help us reassume the driver’s seat. Presenter Tom Gordon has a proven track record of success in the implementation of MRPII/ERP systems and quality management systems including ISO 9000 and ISO 27000, and has been working in manufacturing for nearly four decades. 

Supplier Scouting Solutions 

As that state’s MEP Center, we are engaged in the national Supplier Scouting Program which allows us to help companies source desperately needed products. In this presentation, our Supply Scout lead and Innovation Engineering Black Belt Dave Goebel explains how the program works and how our nationwide database can help Missouri manufacturers connect with materials, suppliers, and beyond. Do you have specific needs to meet the medical supply demand? We have a system to help. 

Share this information with others within your company or within your network. Be safe. We are here when you need us. Connect with your Area Business Manager at any time.

Check out our new page for resources and solutions specifically geared to help manufacturers transition through this pandemic.