Webinar: Risk and Opportunity - How to Safeguard Your Business

The treatment of Risk [and its bedfellow, Opportunity] can be classified in 3 areas: What we can control through mitigation, what must be accepted because there is nothing constructive that can be done and still stay in business, and what can be covered by insurance.

Mitigation can cover many areas. If the business model, for example, involves access to the internet, mitigation can be in the form of firewalls, anti-virus etc. and preventing the rogue employees from accessing questionable web-sites. However, even the most stringent precautions cannot be 100 percent effective, so the only real way to guard against hackers is not to go online. For many organizations today, this is not a practical option, therefore a certain degree of risk remains – this is termed “Risk Appetite”, what Top Management accepts in the way they do business. This ‘Risk’ provides a great Opportunity for those inclined to exploit the Risk – Risk and Opportunity are really the two sides of the same coin!

For nearly four decades, instructor Tom Gordon has worked in manufacturing in the United States, England, Africa and the Middle East. Tom has a proven track record of success in the implementation of MRPII/ERP systems and quality management systems including ISO 9000 and ISO 27000, helping companies in a broad range of industry sectors with business/strategic planning and implementation, including the Balanced Scorecard, KANO and Hoshin Kanri disciplines. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Operations Management; a Certified Fellow in Inventory and Production Management of the American Production and Inventory Society; and Senior Member of the American Society of Quality. 

Join Tom Gordon, author and business expert on our team, for this online presentation followed by a live question and answer session. 

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